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GloPatrol SD4101 Kirsten Cronin

Kirsten’s GloPatrol unit serves the central South Dakota area. Kirsten is a 3rd-grade teacher and volleyball coach in Gettysburg, SD. She decided to pursue her Evolve Airbrush Certification through GloPatrol to help promote a healthy tanning experience versus skin-damaging alternatives. Kirsten previously worked at a tanning salon, obtaining a wealth of knowledge on the tanning industry and spray tanning tips and tricks.

If scheduling a tanning session more than two days in advance, you may use the calendar below. Following your request, you will receive an email confirmation or contact from Kirsten’s GloPatrol to make arrangements. Please understand that, due to the nature of GloPatrol mobile tanning services, travel times may prevent all appointment requests from being honored. If you would like a more immediate appointment, please contact Kirsten directly at (605) 769-9899.




Kirsten Cronin
Kirsten’s GloPatrol
Patrol SD4101
(605) 769-9899

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